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Nutritional therapy can help

You are unique, so your road towards health should be too.

Nutritional therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach and utilises in-depth case analysis alongside functional and genetic testing to inform your health plan.

Cancer support

Boost energy

Reduce stress, pain and inflammation

Improve gut health


Support hormones

Support immune function

I cannot recommend Bec highly enough. If you are lucky enough to be in her care you will have no regrets. Kate

Bec’s dedicated ability to engage in a solution for the problem, her outstanding innate strength as a listener, her analysis and then incredibly tailored and effective advice she shared with me... regained one quarter of my life back!

Bec is so passionate about achieving optimal health through nutrition she could not be stopped! KS

I found Bec to be highly knowledgeable and professional. She was helpful and efficient. I thoroughly appreciated her advice. Helen

Bec's advice is so valuable - she has immense knowledge, a calm and relaxed manner, and a clear way of explaining things. Her advice and plans for you are carefully thought out and therefore easy to follow. I highly recommend that you consult her!





I specialise in cancer support post diagnosis, pre and post treatment.

Cut the confusion when it comes to your nutrition.

Take out the guess work.


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